BANGKOK - Thailand ~DAY 1~ Stay + Sightseeing + Food

Thailand's capital Bangkok is known as a go to place for quick escapades, its ornate shrines and vibrant streets are nothing less than extraordinary. The city is buzzing and fast paced filled with bustling tourists and localities selling exquisite Thai cuisine on the streets. If you want to truly experience Thai culture hop on a tuk-tuk and go around the city taking in the allure of Thai streets and devouring scrumptious food. In this blog I shall share my experience on my first day there, the good and the bad with accommodation and cruise details.

The most fun I have had getting around the city. 
Checked in at JW Marriot Bangkok

My family and I were looking for a more casual/leisure trip this time around thus we decided to splurge and stay at a more high end and excellence guaranteed hotel. True to its standards the hotel services were excellent and each room provided fantastic view of the city scape which is so very important whilst choosing a hotel. We did not get much time to explore the amenities but I can guarantee a good nights sleep in the comfy beds.

The hotel is also conveniently located on the famous Sukhumvit Rd which is the central location of the city and it is easy to walk few blocks down to get access to street vendors selling trinkets and various food stalls.
Cost :- 6593 THB ($199.58) Deluxe King Room
I was still using Snapchat (facepalm) as I hadn't decided to blog yet :P

The reception and decor includes stunning traditional Thai designs such as this wardrobe which adds a lot of Thai flare converging modern and traditional art.

Nothing as relaxing as this eh?

The stunning city view from our window. 

Our first meal in Thailand 

Once we had checked in we decided to walk around the city capturing the essence of Thai culture. The streets are packed with expats and locals and everyone seems to be in a hurry to reach their destination. It was raining and we enjoyed the cooling walk to our restaurant which we randomly chose. When in Thailand you must order Tom Yum which is a hot and sour soup that tingles your taste buds from your first slurp. Fragrant spices and herbs are generously stewed in a steamy thick broth fresh tantalising ingredients such as lemongrass & kaffir lime leaves create an aromatic infusion.
*Now you will have to excuse me for terrible picture quality of the food I wasn't aware I shall be blogging later.*

This mango juice was so fresh and refreshing.

Chao Phraya River Cruise
Since we were quite stuffed with a delicious meal and wanted a more relaxing way to view the city we decided to take a 2 hour river cruise to enjoy scenic views of the city and temples. This scenic river flows through the heart of Bangkok.There are several areas providing services from one point to the other and you get to choose sites where you would like to stop.
Cost : 2000 THB($61) 
Travellers Tip: In Thailand you need to be careful about being cheated off with unreasonably high pricing so be wary.

The mystic charm and surreal tranquillity of the river definitely embeds a beautiful memory. The river waves gently sway the boat and the ornate boat structure are nothing less than magical. Beautifully designed boats greet you at every corner and since we decided to go closer to sunset the views of the skyscrapers were breathtaking. I believe there is no better way to take in the city at one glance.

Wat Arun Temple

The first stop in our cruise was at Wat Arun (temple of the dawn) locally known as Wat Chaeng it is located on the banks of Chao Pharay river. This is one of the most stunning Temples in Bangkok, the design and structure is unique in comparison to the other temples in given the intricate detailing and tombs surrounding the arena.It is considered one of the most beautiful temples in Thailand and is a famous landmark. Unfortunately as we were quite late we couldn't enter inside the temple but we did have a fantastic view whilst walking around the temple from the outside. You can easily spend an hour here.
Single entry cost : 100 THB ($12.13)
Timings : 8:30 - 5:30

The banks of the river lit up illuminating against the evening sky. It was such a relaxing ride and everything seemed so mystical. We crossed bridges and various other temples which were closed yet lit up. I would definitely recommend an evening ride rather than morning one.

Trinkets & Souvenirs
We were dropped off at another port and came across lovely souvenir shops. These shops were just everything in terms of traditionally crafted decoration items, bags, souvenirs etc. I would suggest you bargain and lower the price as they usually charge much higher than usual.

That sums up our first day at Bangkok. We took time off after the cruise to relax at the hotel and enjoy the amenities.I hope you enjoyed the blog and next blog shall be on the famous floating market so stay tuned!!


  1. I didn't have the budget to stay at J.W. Marriott the last time I visited Bangkok, but I agree that shopping and going to the temple are two of many things that are mandatory to do in Bangkok. Thanks for sharing! :D

  2. Awesome video! I definitely did NOT stay at the Marriott in Bangkok because I couldn't afford it, but it looks so grand! I'm glad you stayed there. I absolutely loved Bangkok and I'm glad you did, too!

    1. Wait... Not video. Awesome POST! Sorry about that :)

  3. Bangkok looks so amazing. Specially, the white intricately carved temples are stunning. If only the flights from Canada were cheaper, I would be there tomorrow! LOL!

  4. I loved exploring Bangkok when I was there. I was fortunate enough to stay with a friend which meant I got a slightly different perspective from most. There is so many amazing sights to see and foods to try! It was such a great trip!

  5. We love Bangkok, we have been there three times and are planning to go back again next year!

  6. Fantastic! I'm looking forward to going to Thailand at the beginning of next year. Who doesn't love Thai cuisine?! :)

  7. Bangkok is such a fantastic place to have fun, eat and chill. I had to stay there for 1 week. In the beginning I was a bit nervous cause I don't like cities. But then Bangkok made me love it:)

  8. I would love to see the city of Bangkok from the Chao Phraya River Cruise! It looks amazing. I have learned the art of bargaining for the best price from my travels in India - great post!

  9. What a wonderful trip down the memory lane for us as we have lived in Bangkok! Tom Yum Soup is yummy and River Cruise is also a unique experience! Good picks for an action packed one day in Bangkok!

  10. Wow this looks amazing! There seem to be so many things to do in Bangkok!

  11. Oh nice, I would like to take a ship and see the city from the reiver. That is what we love doing in my hometown.


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