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Most Popular Indian Street Food - Part 1

India is a huge (size:-3.287km2, population:-1.324 billion )country that is alive and buzzing with billions of people who come in swarms to relish the street foods that are literally located on each and every street corner. Street food is the most common and cheaper alternative to curbing ones hunger in India whilst having a delicious meal.If you are looking to please your taste bud without giving much thought to presentation or location then look no further. I have picked the street foods that are common to almost all states.These street vendors have stalls selling food for generations thus the food is authentic & exquisite. Given the diversity of food across 29 each state deserves its own food review. This blog is especially for those who are planning to travel to India for a short while and may be confused at the variety of dishes available hence am going to narrow it down for you.

1. Pani PuriPani puri aka (Gol Gappas or Puchkaas) are probably the most popular snacks in the Ind…

BANGKOK - Thailand ~DAY 1~ Stay + Sightseeing + Food

Thailand's capital Bangkok is known as a go to place for quick escapades, its ornate shrines and vibrant streets are nothing less than extraordinary. The city is buzzing and fast paced filled with bustling tourists and localities selling exquisite Thai cuisine on the streets. If you want to truly experience Thai culture hop on a tuk-tuk and go around the city taking in the allure of Thai streets and devouring scrumptious food. In this blog I shall share my experience on my first day there, the good and the bad with accommodation and cruise details.
Checked in at JW Marriot Bangkok

My family and I were looking for a more casual/leisure trip this time around thus we decided to splurge and stay at a more high end and excellence guaranteed hotel. True to its standards the hotel services were excellent and each room provided fantastic view of the city scape which is so very important whilst choosing a hotel. We did not get much time to explore the amenities but I can guarantee a good nig…

Things to do in Putrajaya for 24 hours:Travel Tips on Where to Stay and Eat!

Another must see city in Malaysia is the federal capital of Putrajaya. It is located south of Kuala Lumpur and is approximately a 30 mins drive. I find Putrajaya a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of city life to a much more calming environment surrounded by lakes and late 20th century architecture, this city enfolds one in tranquillity. Its eclectic combination of buildings and bridges are best viewed when illuminated at night.From starting up a smoky BBQ by the lake which has an exceptional bridge view or just random drives along  structured and beautifully paved roads across state of the art architecture, Putrajaya has a lot to offer and is quite accessible both from the city and airport (for long layovers a must visit due to proximity). This time around my family and I decided to do a short stay-cation and I feel it would help anyone who wants to spend just about a day in Putrajaya. So I shall provide some basic info on hotel and transportation as well towards the end of th…